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Hello and welcome to the all new Project2021. Rebooted for 2023.

I’m Stacy. In 2015 I began being true to myself; I started transition. When I started, I was ignorant of my medical history – my parents took everything that was done to me to their graves. It wasn’t until 2020, five years into transition the truth of my medical history came to light thanks to modern medical science – check out the About Me page to learn more.

By 2021, I had encountered so much hate as a transwoman, I had my fill. From police interactions, to employment discrimination, to housing discrimination – I had encountered enough. I started Project2021 as an attempt to educate and share my medical history behind being an intersex transwoman. There’s no need hate – I’m just healing from what was done to me during my youth. Why is that so wrong?

2022 started bright. In late 2021 I started new employment that I loved and looked promising for career growth. Sadly, once again, transphobic hate and ignorance entered the picture – this time having a severe negative impact on both my mental and physical health. By the end of 2022, after months of stress, anxiety, and depression from the hate received, my health took the ultimate hit.

As I shared on the ‘Diabetes for life‘ page, I lost two-thirds of my pancreas in 2011 becoming an insulin-dependent diabetic. In 2014 before starting my transition, I challenged myself to log 2014 miles on my bicycles. I smashed the goal logging almost 2700 miles and in the process freed myself from insuling despite only having a third of my pancreas.

I’m still insulin-free at the moment, but all the stresses of the hate I encountered has taken its toll on my remaining pancreas. My blood glucose levels are too high, and I’m headed for serious problems if I don’t get my physical health back on track. I won’t succumb to diabetes or hate.

For 2023, I’m going to use this platform to take back my health with my love of cycling. I’ll be sharing videos of my rides, and I’m going to be completely transparent with my diabetes to help motivate and inspire others. Along the way, I’m going to share tales/documents of the transphobic hate I have experienced simply asking, “Why the hate?”

I hope you enjoy following this health journey.

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