Hello and welcome to Project 2021.  I’m Stacy.

As you seen in the video above, I have a very horrid medical history.  However, that’s only half of the story. 

On the surface, you see a transwoman.  Under the surface I’m intersex – I’m the ‘I’ in LGBTQIA.  I was born with both sexes in the early 1970s.  Back then medical knowledge believed it was best to make the intersex child into a boy. Easier to close the hole than remove the pole – as was the medical philosophy back then.  They believed the child would grow up to be the gender the child was taught. Which is what they I would be; except I thought differently at an early age. 

Thankfully, the horrors of yesterday are now behind me.  It’s been years since I last had a seizure.  It has opened doors I never thought would ever be possible.  For the first time ever I can safely drive a car. Something so many take for granted.  I don’t have to worry having one too many seizures and get fired; and the subsequent loss of medical insurance with anti-seizure meds to get. 

Project 2021 is about healing and living as my authentic self – happy and healthy.  It’s a celebration of all that I’ve overcome. I have learned the importance of turning life’s lemons into something positive and paying it forward. 

In the years that I’ve been healing, I have encountered some harsh judgmental views from others despite not knowing me and what I’m all about.  Living as my authentic best self has affected my relationships and friendships, employment, and housing.  It could be easy to slip into despair and let the anger of the wrongs of others to consume me.  But I’m better than that.   

‘Jenny V’ is a prime example of turning life’s lemons into something positive.  Being trans and others’ lack of understanding of what trans can be did lead to homelessness. Originally, I was very depressed that I had to resort to living in an RV. 

For myself, the way out of that depression was finally seeing the positives in my life.  Having to resort to living in an RV has been a blessing in disguise.  After the initial expenses of remodeling, my overhead expenses are much lower allowing me to work on cleaning up my debt and improving my life. I’m free to travel enjoying my passion in life – cycling.   And the best part of living my personal happiness and having fun, I’ll reap all the health benefits.

I hope you enjoy coming along with me on this journey.

Project 2021

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