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Yes, I’m transgender.  But that’s only half of what I am.  I’m an intersex transwoman. Had I been given the chance; I would have been female from the start.  I was born in the 1970s in a Catholic hospital intersex. I had both sexes, but medical knowledge at the time was to make the intersex child into a boy.  As such, I was made into a boy.

Only I wasn’t a boy.  Some of my earliest memories were not wanting to be a boy, and insisting I was a girl.  When told I wasn’t a girl, I had fits of rage.  I stabbed a teacher in my preschool with a pair of scissors on her backside.  I ended up a psych patient to convert me to be a boy.  As part of that psych treatment, I was given a lobotomy. 

The lobotomy led to spinal meningitis. I survived, but not unscathed. I’m 100% deaf in my left ear, I had to learn to walk and talk again; as well as, be re-potty trained. Then at 8 YO (1980) I had my first seizure from scar tissue on the brain.  These seizures continued until 2003 (31YO); when I underwent brain surgery.

During the process, I learned my right hemisphere of my brain wasn’t functioning.  Doctors said that since the injury to the brain causing the seizures occurred so young in life, my brain rewired itself all to the left hemisphere.

Since 2004, I’m free of seizure medications; I’ve only had 4 breakthrough seizures – all brought on while under duress/stress.  Becoming me (Stacy) is not just because I’ve always felt this way, I’m healing and becoming me.  There’s obviously a clear medical background to it.

I lived a life of ignorance as a male – brainwashed and handicapped.  My parents took my history to the grave; I was told only of the spinal meningitis as the cause of the seizures.  Never what led up to the meningitis – learning my full history has only come recently. 

My own medical knowledge with a 20 year career in the healthcare industry showed me there had to be more to my own history.  What I was always told, didn’t add up with what I know from my work.

Utilizing current medical science I’ve pieced together my history, learned my truth, and now have it all on display so others can learn. On the Medical Stuff page, you’ll find the MRI image showing where the icepick (AKA Orbitoclast) went into my brain. Additionally, you’ll find some videos of 31 year-old me having some seizures thanks to the lobotomy.

It would be really easy to be angry and bitter at the world for what was done to me; but anger and bitterness serves no useful purpose. I’m a glass-half-full kind of person, my past is what it is; today, I’m happy and healthy. I overcame impossible odds to still make something of my life and that’s all that matters. Now, it’s time to enjoy life for the rest of my days.


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