The other Jennies

Cycling is huge in my life.

Why do I have so many bikes? Because each ‘Jenny’ provides a different ride than the others.
Jenny – She’s my oldest. She’s a leftover 2004 Giant Yukon that I bought in 2005. Over the years, she’s been highly customized: higher gear ratio, hydraulic disc brakes, and a carbon fiber fork that provides handling more like a road bike than a mountain bike. She’s my touring bike now. Here she is loaded up in 2015 on a 5 day, 262 mile, trek up and down Puget Sound visiting 6 lighthouses – what a great vacation:

Jenny II – She’s a 2012 Fuji Roubaix 3.0. She’s fast and zippy. Like Jenny, she’s been highly customized with wider bars, sealed shift cables to keep them free of debris, and a stronger, lighter wheelset. Here she is when she was new, shortly after I purchased her:

Jenny III

She’s a completely different creature with a ride all her own. She’s an Actionbent that I bought used. I was hoping she’d cure the slump I was in by breathing new life into cycling. I never have bonded with her, she is rarely used, but she’s a Jenny and I’ll never part with her. Here she is after I brought her home:

Jenny IV – She’s a Catrike Expedition and is all out fun. She’s like a recliner on wheels. She’s fast like a road bike, but could easily carry a load to tour. Here she is loaded up heading out for a ride:

Why are they all named Jenny?

I had just finished the lighthouse tour and I mentioned to a friend that it was a bucket list item to tour across the US. Without missing a beat she quips back, “OK Forrest, are you taking Jenny I or Jenny II?”

The fleet has grown some since then. Will their be a Jenny VI? Most likely.

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